Bakersfield's Premier Spin Studio, Circuit Training & Fitness Facility


I'm new to spinning, will I be able to handle it?

Yes! The difficulty of the class is at your discretion. The resistance knob is located on your bike and only you can adjust it. If you're feeling too tired, lessen the resistance and keep pedaling. If you're feeling great, add on more. Remember  -->

More resistance, more results.

Do I need cycling shoes?


I recommend that everyone purchase a pair of bike shoes if they plan to participate in cycling, both indoors and outdoors.  The cycling shoes clip into the pedals and create a more powerful stroke than regular sneakers. "Clipping in" is a great way to feel even more connected to the bike and to the class. bikes are compatible with SPD MTN CLEATS or REGULAR TENNIS SHOES CAN BE WORN.

Do You Sell Water?

Yes! Cold bottled water, Gatorade & Various SHAKEOLOGY PRODUCTS are available for your convenience! 

What should I wear?

Something you're not afraid to SWEAT in. I recommend spandex or tight-fitting pants/shorts for the best ride. Shorts should be long enough to prevent chaffing. Cycling shorts have the added benefit of a chamois pad to protect the soft tissues of your posterior.

Do you have changing rooms?

They aren't  designated changing rooms, but Beautiful Bathrooms for both the men & the Ladies.. Marble Counter tops, Clean Showers, Lockers with Key locks and Ample room for changing.

Do I need to make a reservation for class?

I recommend that you make a reservation if you plan to attend a class. I do welcome walk-in riders, but warn you that classes often fill-up. You can make a reservation by TEXTING or LEAVING A VOICEMAIL AT (661) 699-2854

Can I cancel my reservation?


When should I arrive?

For new riders, I recommend arriving 10 

I want to work at BUILDING BETTER BODIES FITNESS, what can I do?


 If you're looking to be an instructor, email ONTHEGOPT@AOL.COM  with your questions and Joe will get back to you about an interview or an audition right away!