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SPIN CLASS (indoor cycling) is offered 7 days a week at various times. Mon/Wed 9:30AM & 7:00PM, Tues/Thurs 6AM & 5PM & 6PM, Fri 5PM, Sat 9AM and Sun 9AM.  

Visit us at our new facility at 2204 E street, downtown Bakersfield
Indoor cycling (spin classes) with 8-time Race Across America winner and transcontinental record holder -Bakersfield's own 'Big Joe' Petersen.

This 1-hour class combines an awesome cardiovascular workout with as much resistance as you want for maximun caloric expenditure and the added benefit of boosting metabolism for 2 to 3 days.

At Building Better Bodies we take "spinning" to a whole new level. We must warn you of the addictive nature of this super intense workout that leaves students pumped up and anticipating the next "ride."

SPIN CLASS at Building Better Bodies Fitness is an energetic, powerful, fun, motivating way to lose weight, tone and trim your body, get in amazing shape and feel great.

Our classes are designed to rev up your metabolism, maximize your caloric expenditure and fine tune the incredible body that God gave you.

We will get you going and motivate and inspire you to push harder, dig deeper and ignite that flame of vitality smoldering deep inside you.

The music will pump you up. The "ride" will exhilarate you. The results will absolutely amaze you. Where else can you have this much fun "feeling the burn," "melting the fat," and "jamming to the beat?" So "rev up your engines," jump on a bike and join the FUN.

This class burns between 600 and 1800 calories in just under an hour. Be ready to sweat and challenge yourself. Indoor cycling combines cardiovascular fitness with resistance to combine the best of both worlds. If you're looking to maximize caloric expenditure and optimize your metabolism, this class is for you.

BOOT CAMP (outdoor fitness) This class is offered 3 days a week Mon/Wed/Fri and at 2 different times for your convenience 5AM, & 6PM. Its is held at our downtown facility. The boot camp involves bodyweight resistance, running drills, core strengthening, flexibility, agility and speedwork.

Circuit Training (indoor group fitness class) is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5AM . Utilizing weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, physio balls, mats, steps and bodyweight exercises to give you the maximum results in the minimal time. Stations are set up to work varying muscle groups and are fast paced to supercharge your fat burning furnace, accelerate weight loss and enhance caloric expenditure.

Personal Training. One on one workouts designed with you and your goals in mind. All consultations are free. Sessions are billed monthly. Trainer Joe Petersen is a certified Personal Trainer, certified Group Fitness Instructor, certified Spin and Indoor Cycling instructor, Beachbody Coach and elite athlete. He believes that we all have more ability and more potential than we've ever dreamed of. So many distractions in today's world keep us from taking care of our bodies the way we should. While we can't stop the hands of time, we can choose how we age by making better nutritional choices and leading healthy active lifestyles.